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Can I use c # to control jwwCAD 3.14 23/3/20(月) 17:25

Re:Can I use c # to control jwwCAD 3.14 23/3/22(水) 17:16

Re:Can I use c # to control jwwCAD
 3.14 E-MAIL  - 23/3/22(水) 17:16 -
>>Thank you very much for your response. Sorry, I didn't find the tutorial that you said. I wanted to reference some dll files, but I couldn't find them after installing the software. During the installation process, I wasn't prompted to install developer options
>If C # means C language, I don't understand, it is possible to start JW_CAD normally, DXF input, save JW format after rewriting lines, isn't this useful?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, C # means C # language. I want to open jwcad through a program to complete drawing and file conversion, not manual operation



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