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Is it a Bug in the program?
 lygx1118 E-MAIL  - 21/7/7(水) 23:09 -
I found a little problem in the selection of objects, ask you, I do not know who feels the same.
1. Press the range command button
2. Right click and select a continuous line
3. Press the Add Range button
4. Select the first point in the box
At this moment, the left click does not work, you need to blank two clicks, the third click, it will work.




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Is it a Bug in the program? lygx1118 21/7/7(水) 23:09
Re:Is it a Bug in the program? つの 21/7/9(金) 13:09
Re:Is it a Bug in the program? lygx1118 21/7/10(土) 19:48

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新規投稿 ┃ツリー表示 ┃スレッド表示 ┃一覧表示 ┃トピック表示 ┃番号順表示 ┃検索 ┃設定 ┃過去ログ ┃ホーム
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